Building Community, Boosting Revenue

The easiest and safest way to earn extra income for your church while making an impact on your community - by sharing your available space during its downtime.

As a ChurchSpace Host, you advance your church's mission by opening doors to the community and to a world of new opportunities. Join a growing community with thousands of other visionary pastors committed to redefining community engagement and impact. Welcome to an experience where your church becomes the catalyst for community flourishing, one event at a time.

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The benefits of ChurchSpace

List your space for free

Unlock the earning potential of your available space and jumpstart your journey to financial success without any upfront investment. Listing your space for free unlocks access to a network of potential guests, effortlessly maximizing its earning potential. Start monetizing your space today and watch your church’s revenue and influence grow.

No contracts. No hassle. No worries.

Effortlessly connect with guests and seamlessly manage bookings at the click of a button. Once confirmed, your guests receive comprehensive details, including directions and essential information like your WiFi, ensuring a polished and hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

More first-time visitors.

Grow your church's visibility and reach within the local community through ChurchSpace. By listing your space on the platform, you will attract new visitors, establish fresh connections and expand your community impact with authenticity and purpose.

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Stress free hosting

Your space, your rules, your principles – retain full control over how you share it. Whether it's hosting weekday meetings, evening gatherings or weekend events after 12 noon, you can customize your schedule to suit your preferences and needs. 


Your safety, your security, your peace of mind – with our platform, you're in control every step of the way. We pre-screen all requests through identity verification, and offer flexible event insurance options to ensure safety and protection for you and your guests. Feel confident knowing that your space is safeguarded, allowing you to share it with peace of mind.

Security & Safety

Streamlined payments, straight to your church's bank account.
Following the completion of each booking service, Hosts receive payments directly, on a cycle similar to a bi-weekly paycheck (on the 15th or 30th of the month depending on when the booking occurred). Enjoy hassle-free transactions and financial convenience, empowering you to focus on what truly matters: serving your community.


Unlock additional revenue streams – offer add-ons with each space for an extra fee. With each add-on booked, you will experience a boost to your earnings, enabling you to better support your community's needs and initiatives. From cameras to projectors, microphones, and more, take idle equipment from collecting dust to earning dollars with just a click.


Hear from a Host

Hello, I'm Ashley Baxter, an Associate Pastor,
proudly hosting with ChurchSpace.

Embracing their visionary approach, ChurchSpace has brilliantly bridged the gap between unused church spaces and community needs. Their initiative has been a game-changer for us, transforming idle spaces into vibrant community hubs. Not only has this fostered stronger bonds within our local community, but it has also opened new revenue streams for our church. More importantly, it's inviting more individuals to experience the warmth and inclusivity of our church family. I am deeply grateful for ChurchSpace's innovative vision and feel privileged to contribute to the impactful work God is orchestrating through their efforts.

Ashley Baxter,
ChurchSpace Host since 2023

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