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Worship Space. Event Space. Meeting Space. Church Space.

Church Space provides on demand rentals from churches nationwide. Rent a church or sign up your church up to be rented.

About Church Space?

Why Church Space

Church Space helps churches rent their under utilized space to create greater impact, and to connect with their community. We are currently testing out our Beta platform to help understand churches better utilize their space. Church Space launched in 2019 and since then we have helped churches earn over $100,000 from renting their space safely, and securely all while staying in compliance with 501c3 regulations. Our newest release is slated for Mid 2022. Use the button below to sign up for our newsletter to stay current on updates ad new releases.

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Rent Space

Need church space in your local area? We are help to help as we are in the last stretch of releasing our new platform we have automated future rentals to better serve renters while we build out the next best marketplace that will help locals just like you, rent church space in their community. To rent a space sign up below and an email will send you a link with access to our current listings nationwide.

Looking for space?

Rent on demand worship, event, and meeting space.

Worship Space

Church Space offers an variety of Church venues available to rent for churches or ministries needing one time or short to long term rental Space.

Event Space

Church Space is the great alternative for small weddings, micro wedding, and even large weddings and receptions. In addition to events Church Space caterers to event professionals seeking space for traditional events such as conferences, funerals, and galas and much more.

Meeting & Work Space

Non profit, business owners and event professionals alike have used church space for years to host annual meeting or to rent office or meeting space. Looking for a space to mobilize, meet, and gather- we've got you covered!

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