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Become ChurchSpace™ Host

ChurchSpace™ was built for believers by believers. Equipping churches nationwide to be the best stewards of their space is our passion. What is even more fulfilling is the opportunity to equip churches with a tool that helps them connect with local businesses, non profits, and locals in their communities.

From weddings to commercial kitchen use to cub scout meet ups and beyond, your church is a special place full of potential! As a Host, you will have a unique opportunity to connect with and provide for your community through your most underused assets.

We’re here for you – every step of the way! Become a ChurchSpace™ Host today.

Share Safely

Safeguarding your church is our primary core value. 

ChurchSpace™ reduces the risks and removes the friction that comes along with managing bookings and earning extra revenue. We screen all potential guests, making it easier and safer to share your church than ever before. Even better, our technology ensures that each church earns in compliance with IRS 501c3 regulations. 

So, don't sweat when tax time comes - our automated reports will make tax time a breeze for any church accountant or bookkeeper. 

COVID Precautions 

We make the post-booking clean up process as easy as 1,2, FREE. Spend less time cleaning and more time on serving your community.

All guests are charged a cleaning fee, which allows us to provide cleaning services after each and every event that happens in your space through our national cleaning partners across the country. 

Got Questions? Contact A Space Expert

Our Space Experts are more than just a help line. Their expertise and knowledge of ChurchSpace™ help Hosts with nearly anything and everything. From uploading payment information and paperwork to helping you make your church space stand-out with creative tips, our Space Experts are obsessed with providing you and your guests with the best experience each and every time!

About ChurchSpace™

ChurchSpace™ was founded for churches by church leaders to relieve churches of their financial burden through the use of their underutilized space.

For years, church buildings have been underused community resources, being empty 69% of the week. At ChurchSpace™, we're taking a fresh approach to church sharing. We believe when churches have more, they can do more - and by 'do more', we mean creating more community impact and developing more sustainable communities.

We empower church leaders to steward their spaces well and to become a greater blessing to those around them through the extra revenue they earn on ChurchSpace™.

Make a listing in minutes. 


Select from a list of amenities that pertain to the space (sound system, Wi-Fi, whiteboards, etc.).

Upload stunning photos of your church space(s).

Photos are the best way to showcase your space. If you are not sure how to capture the best pictures of your space, we offer photography guidance.

Create a Unique Title and Description

Make your church space stand out by telling guests what makes your space unique to suit their needs.

Your values and house rules.

Your church space is special. We believe in upholding every church's mission and values - even while sharing their space. This means you set the rules, and we ensure users adhere.  

Adjust the Times of Availability

Block out times that your church needs  and offer windows of time when the space can be available to guests.

Start Hosting

Once a Space Expert reviews the church profile, you can start hosting. Welcome to ChurchSpace™!