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3 Surefire ways to jazz up your Church Office Space!

Church offices go unused 75% of the week!

-Center of Theology and Community.

Woozerz! What fun is a cool office space if it’s unused?

Renting church space and offices has it’s pluses! For starters a blank canvas to jazzz up and cal your own at an afforadble rate. Check out our 3 tips on how to lively up your churhch office space for yourself, or renters!

1.Claim your space!

Get some cool picture frames, plants, beautiful cup holders, or even a light. Having responsibility for your workspace seems as though will make them feel progressively dedicated to your group and increment your efficiency by as much as 32%.

As a business owner be sure to add your own flare of branded peices to the room!

Frame you company logo, or a canvas of your lauch party, whatever it is make it matter than just a past memory.

2. Just like a tree planted by the river….PLANT IT UP!

Make use of the good things!

How boring is a room full of brick? The dividers were white block, and there were no adornments of any kind.

Bring in the glourious GREENERY! Yep plants and cool plant holders!

3. This little Light of Mine!

First off your LIGHT IS HUGE!!!!!

Ok, now that that is out of the way, light up the place! Lighting is additionally a significant factor.

Rule: Dimm lights create opportunity and vidid imagination, while more brilliant environments help initiate explanatory and evaluative reasoning.