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Church Space: "The AirBnB for Churches" CBN News.

We invite church leaders to create a profile and add your church to help earn income while providing space and opportunities for others. When you create a church account it will allow others to see when your available, location of your church and accommodations you can provide.

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Church Space helps you find space for you to use for worship, events, and opportunities. From weekly worships to one time space rentals, even office space, ChurchSpace is able to connect you with the perfect fit!

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Update.

As you know, Church Space was created with the prayer of helping churches open their doors to create impact in local communities nationwide. As Founder Day Edwards said, "The true church has no doors, in such a time we must remain the church and adapt to time and create wild imaginative use of technology to spread the gospel while opening their doors of compassion." While a pandemic naturally births uncertainty, we are certain of this; God's love and protection and that all things work for His Glory. We also believe this opportunity for us to truly model our Saviour and seek out opportunities to help one another.

With such said Church Space has decided to offer any church or ministry free access to stream their content on Roku and Apple Tv. Although many of our renters reside in cities that are under mandatory quarantine, the gospel, the sweet gospel simply can not be boxed. We offer this service normally valued at $5,000 for free for 30 days for churches and ministries to reach those also in the quarantines. This tool will also aid churches in reaching current congregations, new viewers, but ultimately provide churches and ministries with a tool to reach the 36.9 million Roku users and the 35.8 million Apple Tv users.

If you are renting our space for weekly services or events in the coming weeks or months, we will be reaching out on an individual basis. If you have any immediate questions feel free to email In the meantime we invite churches to create a profile and begin streaming their live or pre recorded services.

We will continue to keep you posted on any upcoming changes and we appreciate you. Please let us know how we can support you.

-Church Space Staff