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Church Space: Changing the way we view empty church buildings. 

Church Space mission is to help society change the way we view and utilize church buildings! 
Church Space is passionate about educating and changing the conversation around America's #1 under utilized pieces of property: Church Buildings. 

What is Church Space:

Church Space is a new innovative platform helping churches turn their space into opportunity. Church Space connects potential renters with kitchen space, event space, meeting space, class room space, or space to worship with local churches in their area looking to earn extra revenue from space rentals. 

How can churches rent their church on Church Space?

Churches interested in earning revenue from their unused space and rent to verified and screened renters should create a profile and to begin renting to local churches, and businesses in their area. 

COVID 19 : What is Church Space TV:

Church anywhere anytime! With millions no longer meeting in church buildings and church goers adapting to the new norm of Churching  Church space has launched  Church Space Tv is a COVID project designed to help church goers have access to their favorite churches content anywhere anytime.  Church Space Tv provides a platform for churches to stream their content on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple Tv. 

How to watch Church Space Tv:
Amazon Fire: