About ChurchSpace

ChurchSpace was founded for churches by church leaders. Through a lived experience, both founders Day and Emmanuel grew up with a passion to do two things; build better communities and help find solutions that relieve church leaders of their many financial burdens.

Church sharing isn't a new concept. In fact, churches have shared their space for decades. However, the stress of managing payments, setting rates, and screening guests often fall between the cracks due to an already exhausted church leadership team. The result? Empty church buildings that sit vacant and unused in communities that need commercial space access the most.  

Imagine a community resource being unused 69% of the week. Saddening right? At ChurchSpace, we're taking a fresh approach to church sharing by giving churches and communities alike endless opportunities. We believe when churches have more, they can do more - and by 'do more', we mean creating more community impact and developing more sustainable communities.

“We don't want to reinvent the wheel. We prefer to help churches and communities take their existing resources and make them more viable options for everyday community living.”

– Day & Emmanuel

Our mission is to create space and opportunities for local communities by giving churches the platform to convert their empty church building into revenue generating community resource hubs.

Since launching in 2019 ChurchSpace has experienced growth, pivots and innovative development. Just like most startups, change is constant and rewarding - which is why the entire ChurchSpace team is committed to transparency with updates, product launches, and milestones.

Interested in partnering with the next proptech startup that will revolutionize how we do community? Check out the Investors page here.